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Drug Addiction Treatment in California – the Ins and Outs of a Complex Issue

0 Comments 20 March 2014

Drug addiction is both a sensitive and extremely serious topic, and so it is very important to have the right background information before making any decisions concerning its treatment. The worst thing that can happen with any such problem is to accidentally fall into traps of misunderstanding or even lies, and it is therefore important to properly familiarize oneself with the correct information. Continue Reading

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The Prospective Future of the Canadian Fast Food Industry

0 Comments 26 January 2014

Canada has one of the most active consumer markets in regards to their consumption of food, particularly fast food, ranking only 2nd to the United States and to the whole world. In 2012, Canada’s fast food industry only had a modest 2% market growth that earned a total of $21.7 billion Canadian dollars, added to this, the number of food establishments saw a 3% decline resulting from the slow movement of the economy’s financial recovery. Continue Reading

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Medicinal Marijuana Use for Pain Management

0 Comments 11 September 2014

There are a lot of common addictions which are easily available to the general population. Chief among these are alcohol and tobacco. Some common over-the-counter medications can also be used against their indications. These include cough suppressants, antihistimines and pain killers. Next in the list are pain killers which need a doctor’s prescription, or can only be administered inside a hospital under controlled conditions, like Vicodin and morphine. Going even further are banned items which carry a possible prison term when a person is caught using them. These include crack, crystal meth, PCP, LSD, and heroin.

There is however an ongoing debate regarding the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. The body of study regarding marijuana is quite extensive. It has been determined that marijuana is not as strong as a hallucinogenic compared to other illicit drugs. It has also been shown that cannabis is mildly addictive and certainly not as addictive as some over-the-counter medicines. There is also a body of studies showing that it has anti-cancer properties. On top of that, cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes has produced some varieties which have a low hallucinogenic property, and others which potentially have a higher content of anti-cancer agents.

There are now several states which have legalized marijuana. Of course, within each state there are pharmacies legally authorized to provide for prescriptions. Dispensaries for medical marijuana in Spokane, for instance, provide assistance for those who have doctor’s prescriptions. The legality of marijuana stems should no longer be a question. However, its implementation is something which will still evolve in time.

It has taken more than 35 years since marijuana was listed as an illicit drug. It would take a little while more before it can be fully used to its potential. There are still a lot of research needed to explore the possibilities of cannabis for medical purposes. Unlike some prescription pain killers, marijuana can be used safely without a need for a health professional to administer it. This would be particularly helpful for cancer patients prescribed with marijuana for their pain relief. Pain management during chemotherapy is a major issue with cancer patients. It is important that they can have relief while in the comfort of their own home.

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The Dangers of Recreational Drug Use

0 Comments 09 September 2014

Recreational drug use is the use of drugs for the purpose of enjoyment or leisure, instead of utilizing them for medicinal purposes. Although the use of drugs for recreation is not necessarily a negative issue, numerous problems can arise if it leads to addiction. Drug addiction is a problem confronting many societies today, since it is closely associated with crime, ill health and social issues. For this reason, governments have implemented various programs to curb drug addiction; but in spite of these, the number of recreational drug users is on the rise.

Recreational users take drugs for a number of reasons, including peer pressure, curiosity, to cope with problems, to feel happy and relaxed or merely to take pleasure in its effects. Such reasons do not imply that a user intends to harm himself by taking drugs; nevertheless, he is exposing himself to certain dangers by doing so. For one, he can contract serious diseases such as HIV or hepatitis, which happens when needles are shared among users for injected drugs. Moreover, anyone who takes a drug for the first time takes the risk of being dependent on it, since these substances are highly addictive.

Drug addiction can be very expensive. Recreational drugs are not cheap and one needs to have constant supply of funds to support a habit. This is one of the reasons why addiction can lead to a life of crime, when addicts resort to stealing money or valuable items just to have money to buy more drugs. In addition, a person under the influence of drugs does not behave in the normal way; and this can lead to problems with family, friends and at work. Worse, it can lead to death due to an overdose.

According to statistics, marijuana or cannabis is the popular recreational drug, which is known to cause memory problems, psychosis and schizophrenia for long-term users. However, it is interesting to note that this drug is also being utilized as for its medicinal properties; and several states in the US have legalized the use of medical marijuana. As far as the law is concerned, there is a difference between medical and recreational use. Whereas recreational marijuana is obtained via drug dealers operating against the law, medical marijuana is strictly regulated and can only be dispensed by licensed facilities similar to the medical marijuana Spokane clinic on this site.

There are other recreational drugs more dangerous than marijuana. Heroin, for instance, slows down the rate at which the body functions, dulling physical and emotional pain. Its prolonged use can cause depression. According to experts, a heroin habit is very difficult to treat since the substance is highly addictive and the withdrawal symptoms experienced by a user trying to kick his drug habit can be very unpleasant. Ecstasy, a very popular recreational drug, is a strong stimulant which causes hallucinations along with an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. After a dose of the drug, users often experience an increase in brain activity, with excessive sweating and a dry mouth. Because ecstasy affects the central nervous system, it is believed that long-term use of this drug increases the risk of mental illness later in life. Other dangerous recreational drugs are cocaine and crack cocaine. Both substances can cause extreme anxiety and paranoia when consumed regularly for long periods.

Recreational drug use can indeed be dangerous because it can lead to drug dependence, which consequently results in a host of problems. Hence, it is imperative to use drugs responsibly and utilize them solely for medical purposes. They were made to make the physical body feel better, not abuse it.

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Recreational Drug Abuse and Heart Attack

0 Comments 01 September 2014

For sure, A-list singer Whitney Houston’s plight with cocaine is still fresh in your memory. According to the official report of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, it is accidental drowning that primarily caused Houston’s demise but cocaine use strongly figures in the equation as well as heart disease.

The link between recreational drug abuse and heart attack is definitely there. Drug abuse and alcohol addiction pose serious risks for important body organs to malfunction, especially the heart. Cocaine and other substances could cause collapsed veins, irregular heartbeat, and cardiovascular distress, which could then lead to heart attack and stroke.

Cocaine Figures

According to studies, cocaine is short-acting, potent, and very powerful. It can give you an intensity of high that lasts up to two hours, which brings your heart rate and blood pressure right up into dangerous levels. Some of the serious health risks that you may be exposing yourself to in connection with cocaine include palpitations, heart attack, stroke, and ultimately, death.

Cocaine can be dangerous even to first-time users. What’s more to older people who already have below normal cardiovascular systems? It is understandable, therefore, why cocaine is being tagged as one of the more dangerous types of illicit drugs, which must be kept in check.

Smoking Pot

With growing talks about medical marijuana and the assembly of Washington dispensary and various dispensaries in other areas, some people are concerned about the possible connection between smoking cannabis and heart attack as well.

At present, there are no clear evidences that marijuana and the likes actually have risks or benefits to the heart. Then again, medical experts still suggest that you do not move further away from the medicinal use of marijuana. If you smoke pot on a daily basis for recreational purposes, your risk for heart attack is believed to improve greatly as the substance may cause increased heart rate and blood pressure.

In the same LA County Coroner’s Office report, marijuana, prescription and non-prescription drugs were also found in Whitney Houston’s bloodstream. But the coroner does not believe they figured in the six-time Grammy winner’s death. This is not saying that you should only stay away from cocaine use. Allow us to bring the point home: Recreational drug use as well as alcohol addiction can lead to long-term heart damage, which could lead to death.

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Negative Effects of Marijuana Addiction

0 Comments 20 August 2014

Excessive use of any form of substance can have a negative impact on the health; and that includes the use of cannabis or marijuana. While the recreational use of marijuana is illegal in many countries like the United States, some countries allow its use. Others legalize its usage as long as it’s for medical purposes. However, patients who wish to use this for treating their illness still need to meet certain requirements.

Excessive Use of Marijuana

Marijuana is an addictive substance, though it may initially not have the same adverse effect as other drugs such as heroin and cocaine. However, it still has some short term and long term impact on health and the user’s life in general. Long term, excessive use can lead to addiction, which could be difficult to quit because of its withdrawal symptoms.

When taking marijuana, the chemicals send a signal to the brain resulting to the feeling of euphoria. This is the “high” that users are looking for as it makes them feel good. When the effect of the drug starts to wear off, this is when the different withdrawal symptoms kick in. Some of these symptoms include anxiety, sleeping difficulties, cravings and irritability. Many users couldn’t take it that’s why they tend to take the substance again.  With prolonged use, the tolerance level goes up, feeling the need to take more in order to get that feeling of ecstasy.

Some of the harmful effects of marijuana addiction are hallucinations, increased heart rate that could lead to heart attack to those with existing heart problems, fatigue, as well as behavioral, social and psychological problems. When dependency is developed, this could affect the relationship of the user to their family, friends and other people, as well as their work and responsibilities. There are professionals who can help in the rehabilitation and recovery of those who are suffering from substance abuse.

Medical Use of Marijuana

Marijuana also has medical use. However, this should be used only if it’s prescribed by the doctor. Some of the conditions that are often treated by medical marijuana are vomiting and nausea caused by AIDS and chemotherapy, chronic pain and insomnia. Responsible use is required since as mentioned, it can be addicting. It should only be taken on the dosage and frequency given by the doctor.

There are licensed dispensaries in Portland where medical cannabis can be purchased. Aside from selling cannabis, these Portland dispensaries also offer consultation services for professional growers and clinical herbalists.

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Over-the-Counter Medicine Abuse and Medicinal Marijuana

0 Comments 14 August 2014

It is not uncommon to find prescription medicine abuse. This is a fairly common occurrence, especially for those who have undergone cancer treatment, or have gone through trauma. The pain associated with vehicular accidents and third-degree burns is sometimes so excruciating that the patient passes out. During the Vietnam War, there was an increase in drug abuse among veterans because they were treated in field hospitals and used morphine as pain killers.

The list of medicine abuse extends further into some over-the-counter medicine like dextromethorphan (DXM), codeine and promethazine. These drugs are easily accessible, can cause permanent damage, and can lead to physical and psychological addiction. The real problem is that the majority of users are teenagers and pre-adults. These over-the-counter medicines are used in concoctions with higher than prescription dosages, and drank like a cocktail.

There is no easy way to stop the above practice. In a lot of ways, this has been used as a peripheral reason against marijuana for medicinal purposes. Marijuana is included in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) of 1970. This is a Federal law and it means that the FBI can arrest a person for use, traffic and possession of cannabis. However, there have been several states which have allowed the use, and cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

One reason cannabis was included in the was its use as an introductory drug. Most drug users start out with marijuana before branching out to more potent drugs. Compared to other illicit drugs, marijuana is mildly addictive, and has minimal health effects. However, marijuana is currently being studied for its possible anti-cancer properties. It is also effective as a pain-killer for extremely painful migraines. It is also used for the relief of pain for cancer patients. In some states it is allowed to sell medicinal marijuana in online stores like Portland Dispensary.

With proper guidance and regulation, medicinal marijuana can be a used by a patient for pain relief or as an anti-cancer supplement. There are only a few states which allow the sale of medicinal marijuana. However it is expected that when more states allow its use, the CSA would have to be amended to exclude cannabis from the list.

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Steps to Follow in Putting Up a Pot Dispensary

0 Comments 11 August 2014

The idea of opening up a pot dispensary is exciting. With more states legalizing marijuana use for medicinal purposes, it becomes very easy for medical practitioners to open up this kind of business. Researches have proven that marijuana use may help in preventing bad cells from spreading all over the body. Hence, a lot of diseases may be treated. With the recommendation from a doctor, patients may now buy pot. Thus, if you are interested with the idea of opening up a pot dispensary and be of help to those who are in need, then here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1. Consult a lawyer. Make sure that you won’t be in trouble with this kind of business. You need to understand all the legal issues behind this endeavor. If possible, you need to discuss with your lawyer all possible problems that may arise along the way and your potential response.

Step 2. Find a good location. This is very important. Though some states allow pot dispensary to open, there are certain cities within that state that may prohibit it. For instance, in California, some cities still don’t allow pot dispensaries to operate. You also need to know if the establishments around where you plan to open the dispensary are comfortable with the idea of a pot dispensary next to the.

Step 3. If you have already ironed out all the legal aspects of the issue, it is time to focus on the business aspect. You need to create a business plan. You must have an idea on where to start, how much to invest and who your target buyers are. You also need to ensure that you will stay competitive as more pot dispensaries are now opening up in states where marijuana is legal. Most of all, you need to make sure that your dispensary will only operate for legal use of medicinal marijuana. Anything beyond that must be under control.

Once you have already dealt with these issues, you can safely start your plans. If you wish to know more details on how to open a dispensary, go here.

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Camping Trips Are Good for Your Health

0 Comments 26 January 2014

Nowadays, more and more people are getting health-conscious. Despite the rate of obesity still being at an all-time high, more and more people are trying to get fit again. One factor that has greatly contributed to this is the rise of the popularity of crossfit, color runs, and other physical activities that put a great emphasis on being social. All of these activities offer great fun because of their emphasis on sociability. Despite seeming new, however, the concept of physical activities that put a great emphasis on being social has been around for a long time. The reason why I am actually writing this post is to talk about one such activity: camping.

Of course, camping doesn’t really count as an exercise in itself. Still, provided that its participants eat healthy during the trip, it offers a very physical experience that promotes fitness. Setting up camp and hunting are good physical activities which involve people having to cooperate: in this regard, it’s similar to crossfit, colors runs, and other social exercise activities. Despite taking up a lot of time, camping has many advantages over social exercise activities. One of these advantages happens to be the fact that it allows its participants to connect with nature. Connecting with nature has positive psychological effects so with camping, both a participant’s physical and mental health are nourished.

Inexperienced families shouldn’t worry about not being able to live in the wilderness for even a single a night. There are now many campsites that have amenities that can help people have a very comfortable experience while at camp. These campsites have electricity, easy access to potable water, portable toilets (visit portapottypros.com for more information), and other amenities which both experienced and inexperienced campers will surely be able to benefit from. Families don’t have to do their business in the wilderness anymore because of these portable toilets. Such portable toilets can even have air-conditioning and other features that makes doing one’s business really comfortable even though one’s out camping.

“I’ve always been interested in going camping with my family, but I’ve also always been apprehensive about it. I’m not really what you would consider an outdoorsy person, so I didn’t really have any idea what I’d do in an environment that’s just all nature. Apparently, many campsites now have electricity and other basic amenities that make it easier for inexperienced campers to enjoy the experience. I ended up deciding to go on a healthy camping trip to one of these sites with my family. We totally loved the experience. We loved it so much that we’re planning to go on a camping trip again next month,” Maggie Dern, a housewife from New York, told us.

Dern is just one of the many people who are getting into camping. If the trend of people getting into camping doesn’t die down, it probably will make a resurgence that will make it rival crossfit and color runs in popularity. Hopefully, this post of mine will make more people consider going on camping trips. People shouldn’t think of camping trips as necessarily having to involve hardcore work, that it is a test of endurance. Camping trips can be comfortable whilst providing its participants health exercise. By going camping, families can have quality time whilst benefiting their health.

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The Perfect Meals for Bodybuilders

0 Comments 16 January 2014

When people are trying to build muscle, they need to be particular with what they eat. Not eating the right kind of food may result in inefficient muscle building. For people bulking up, the best foods are the ones that build muscle while burning fat – creating meals that contain such foods might sound easy, but it isn’t. Many people who are trying to bulk up have a hard time creating balanced meals that are good for muscle growth. The reason I am writing this post is because I recently discovered the perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner for these people. They need not experiment with their meals anymore. Just by eating the three different meals listed here regularly, any person trying to bulk up will have a much easier time doing so.

Meal No. 1 – Breafast

- Eggs
- Cream of Wheat
- Banana

This meal is very easy to prepare so it is good for bodybuilders who are just too busy with other things. Eating eggs is very good for those bulking up because it contains enough protein to start muscle growth. Of course, protein is not the only nutrient that figures in muscle growth. Those bulking up also need to have energy for workouts – eating Cream of Wheat takes care of this as it is rich in complex carbohydrates. Workouts can also drain a body’s electrolyte stores, so adding a single banana to this meal goes a long way in helping people who plan to work out after breakfast.

Meal No. 2 – Lunch

- Ground Beef
- Pasta
- Broccoli

This is the best lunch a bodybuilder could whip up for themselves. Beef is the best kind of meat for bodybuilding because it is rich in Creatine; On the other hand, pasta has enough carbohydrates to replace lost stores of carbohydrates and give the body enough to go on until night time. Broccoli is added to this meal to help with controlling fat.

It is also worth noting that those who are taking bodybuilding/weight loss supplements should take them with this meal. By doing so, the muscle building and fat controlling effects of both the meal and the supplement are maximized. Of course, people should take care to only use safe and effective supplements such as myofusion in conjunction with this meal. (For more information regarding Myofusion, visit http://supplementreviews.com/gaspari-nutrition/myofusion).

Meal No. 3 –

- Chicken Breast
- Yam
- Peas, Corn, and Carrots

The combination of foods in this meal works to increase the body’s production of insulin. When insulin is increased, the body produces hormones that stimulate muscle growth. The yam also works to keep these hormones active for a longer time while the chicken breast controls the body’s production of fat.

People do not have to eat the three meals listed here every day – eating them a few days a week is enough to significantly improve muscle growth. Also, people should still take care to not overeat and to do proper exercise. Eating the meals listed here is not enough to stimulate muscle growth on its own. In fact, eating them while not engaging in regular exercise can make people fatter. Weight loss and bodybuilding are not easy tasks. But with enough focus, people will surely be able to attain their goals. Hopefully, this site’s readers will learn a lot from this post. Good luck and happy eating!

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Spy Bubble Free Download Applications

0 Comments 26 May 2013

A spy bubble free download can be used for all kinds of smart phones. For instance, this free download can be used on some of the most popular phones on the market today including the Blackberry, Symbian OS and Android. With this kind of software, users can monitor their phones and its activities from their desktop or laptop. This is because the program runs in the background, while each individual works on other applications that they need. While each individual can stay busy with other software products, they can also check the status of their phones when they have a specific need.

To work with this kind of software application, the user will have to create an account.

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Great Sounds in Small Packages

0 Comments 26 April 2013

Great Sounds in Small PackagesKnowing the difference between recording equipment is a must if you are considering an active involvement in the music business. Depending on your inclinations, you can try out your hand in DJing. This is a booming profession which can lead to record production later on. Or if your interests lie in handling varied types of musical and recording equipment, managing a studio would be a perfect fit.

Prepare for the work by studying the equipment that you’ll be using. It’s a definite advantage to be knowledgeable about how things work because it will set the pace for you and help you decide what equipment to invest in, how to operate them, which brands are better and deciding on the cost of the products and services that you’ll provide.

One of things that you need to do is to familiarize yourself with devices like an audio interface. This is a device that allows two different equipment to connect and communicate with each other. The sound card in your computer is one type of interface, it permits you to connect devices like a mixer to your laptop. The limitation of recording just by using an onboard sound card is that when the music travels from the mixer to your computer, it passes through the internal circuits and can pick up a lot of distractions along the way so that by the time it gets converted, the sound is not as clean as you’d want it to be.

An audio interface does a perfect job of sound recording because it is better equipped to handle the conversion from an analog signal to a digital one and vise versa. Some experts say that in a broader sense, a more expensive interface would likely perform better than a cheaper model. But in the end, your needs and resources would dictate what’s right for you. This is aside from the fact that the performance of any device can only be proven by experience. What you can do to establish what device to buy is to try out an external interface by connecting it to a mixer so you can gauge the difference in sound quality compared to the set up you’re currently using.

Some of the more reliable units is the market today include Presonus Interface. Their Firebox is a prime example of an audio interface that’s carefully designed and well-built. If your requirement is pretty manageable, not exceeding four inputs at a time, then this device is a good buy for you. It’s a high quality package that includes 2 Class A microphones which performs just as well as other high end units. Add strong ASIO drivers that provide monitoring and low latency effects plus a 24 Bit/96k sample and you’ll discover soon enough that you got more than you bargained for with this tiny package from Presonus.

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